Services offered

​The list below gives a brief idea of what services I am available for. It is worth noting that I may be available for alternatives/additional services that may not be listed on here. If so, reach out, and let's make some magic happen!

The environment story

Youth Environmental Education

  • Lesson planning

  • After-school and summer youth environmental education programs

  • School-based outdoor field studies and learning

  • Environmental recreational education and activities (kayaking, paddling, biking, camping, fishing, etc)

  • Nature based-education​

  • Curriculum design and implementation

  • Immersive, hands-on youth-oriented programming

...and more

Their story

Youth Workforce Development

  • Professionalism

  • Conflict resolution

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Intrapersonal skills

  • Intercultural communicative competency-based skills

  • Time management

  • Intro to financial literacy

...and more

Your story

Professional Development

  • Personal development

  • Team building

  • Community development

  • Outdoor educator teaching methods & approaches

  • Organizational culture

  • Communications

  • Youth inclusion in your organization

...and more

Our story

Guest Educator Services

  • Classroom guest speaker

  • Personalized topic presentation

  • Landscaping

  • Trail maintenance

  • Intro to composting

  • Outdoor field trips

  • Environmental topic session discussions (brownfields, tree ID, nutritional food deserts, etc)

...and more


  • Youth program design

  • Metric design

  • Youth program development

  • Youth program management

  • Grant reporting

  • Curriculum design

  • Youth program marketing and implementation

​ ...and more