Here's how I got here!

​I have been able to acquire more than a decade long arrays of skills that have enabled me to adequately make an impact on the youth that I work with. A few of my skillsets are as follows but not limited to; Youth workforce development; Curriculum design; Lesson planning; Youth program marketing; Youth program implementation; Grant writing; Project design; Project supervision; Youth supervision; Program fiduciary budget management; Auditing; Youth development; Staff supervision; Collegiate inter-organizational supervisory work; Critical & cultural pedagogical-based organizational programmatic approach; Policy initiative and changes; Youth environmental education; Linguistic readiness of Black & Brown youth; Eclectic environmental educational approach and more.

Genesee Land Trust-Program development and management

Program development:

  • Designed a curriculum focused on environmental science-based learning and workforce development for a target audience of 14-18 year old students.

Program implementation

  • Taught environmental science-based curriculum, develop academic, soft skills, and workforce readiness

  • Led and supervised youth in land stewardship, work projects, and field activities

Administrative management and logistics

  • Responsible for Human Resource Management of youth (i.e. onboarding, management of employment records, performance reviews, hiring, and termination of youth.)

  • Responsible for the supervision of youth staff program assistant which included but not limited to performance reviews, employment record, and administration of timesheets and payroll.

Agape Haven Of Abundance-Program delivery & Professional development

Program Delivery

  • Designed and taught environmental science-based lesson plans and activities from prepared materials for youth in the program

Professional development

  • Designed and delivered a workshop around essential skills that focused on future workplace success

Rochester Ecology Partners-Environmental Organization Landscape Analysis Advisory Board

Project involvement

  • Provided expertise and guidance in relation to taking a holistic and eclectic approach to gather and create an environmental community database

  • Advocated for the need for an Environmental Justice lens when performing research work relating to gathering data

  • Assisted and influenced project leaders in taking a multifaceted approach when performing any research project and how to involve equity in such work

​Friends of Washington Grove-Rochester City Youth summer camp inter-organizational collaboration

Program development

  • Designed environmental science-based unit curriculum-focused lesson plans for youth 6-14

  • Coordinated with board members and city staff to deliver adequately planned lesson plans

  • Employed an inclusive method of program development and lesson plan delivery

Current organizational partners

  • Agape Haven of Abundance

  • Corn Hill Waterfront and Navigation Foundation

  • Rochester Ecology Partners

  • University of Rochester Medical Center

  • NYS State Parks

"The work you're doing is important"

-Community leader

"The youth needs you"​

-Key partner

"Yeah Carter taught me how to weed properly and stuff"​

-Former youth staff

Community feedback